Using build GRCh37 (hg19)  Platform Documentation:

Storing pre-analysed data files

Step 1. Provide a sample datafile and parser to use

Adding pre-analysed data to CNV-WebStore is achieved by uploading a tab-delimited file using the selection field, and parsing it using a predefined parser, which is selected from the dropdown list. If you select a parser, some information about it will be shown.

Step 2. Check the output of the parser

A few sample rows are shown to check if the parser is correct for the provided data. If all looks ok, select 'Continue'.

Step 3. Provide General Details

Provide general details about the new samples. If they should be added to a new project, provide a name. If they must be added to an existing project, select one of the projects available to the current useraccount from the drop-down menu (not shown in this picture).

Platform and chiptype info can be added if it was not available in the provided datafile columns.

Step 4. Provide Sample Details

Provide sample genders (if not specified in the data), and clinical information. This info will be added to the free-text clinical information.

Step 5. Missing information

Supply missing information. When a row contains empty cells, these rows will be provided for completion. If you do not now the info, and leave it blank, the row will be discarded.

After completion of the insert, your data are available in the project browser.