Using build GRCh37 (hg19)  Platform Documentation: Browsing and Managing Your Data

Manage Illumina Data Projects

Share, Merge and Delete

To keep your data structured, it might be neccessary once in a while to rename, join or delete projects. To make the most out your data on the other hand, it is often beneficial to allow multiple users to annotate the data. From the 'Permissions' pages these actions are performed and each is explained below.

Sharing Projects

The project sharing page is divided in two parts. On top users/usergroups can be selected to allow them access. Below, the list of current users/usergroups with access is shown, with a link to remove their access.

Projects can be shared in two ways: giving single users access, or giving entire usergroups access. You can only give access to groups that you are a member of. These groups are listed on the left, with a distinction of public an private groups. On the right, single users are listed grouped by affiliation. Multiple users and groups can be selected at once. After selection press 'Share' to continue.

When selecting single users, the exact permissions can be set for each user added. Permissions for usergroups are set by the usergroup administrator. See here for more information.

To remove access for a certain user, use the trash bin next to the name of the user/usergroup.

Three permissions have to be defined when sharing a project to specific users:
    - Edit CNVs: This allows the user to edit CNV annotation: Class, Inheritance, Merging etc.
    - Edit Clinic: This allows the user to change Clinical information (freetext/LNDB)
    - Project Control: Allow a user to share, join or delete projects.

Setting all to 'NO' equals to sharing with read-only access.

Join Projects

When joining multiple projects, the following conditions need to be taken into account:

  1. All project must be performed using the same Chiptype
  2. Samples can not be included in more than one of the projects to join (double samples in a project are not allowed)
  3. Be aware that users with access to a subset of the projects, will gain access to the complete new project !
When the criteria are met, you will need to specify a new collection and projectname.

Deleting projects

When deleting a project, the system checks if the same sample is present in different projects. If the sample is found and results from the current project were used in searching, you will be presented with the option to include the sample again in the search results using the alternative project as a source. Be carefull when deleting projects, this process can not be turned back !